Mackinaw Timbers Cabins, previously known as Bu-T-Rest Cabins, is a vintage roadside motel that has been serving travelers on and off for approximately 80 years. Most recently, The Post Family has been reviving the house and ten cabins to its former simple, quaint, nostalgic lodging of the past while updating amenities just enough to give guests today’s “must haves” without losing the feeling of simpler times of the past.

The journey to turn this property back to its roots started early 2017 but took months to get the right people who shared our vision on our team, the goal was not to rehab these cabins but to maintain the integrity of the original log cabins were built of which were both the interior and exterior of the cabins, until the early 1990’s when it was insulated and sided. The structures were built of log as well, we appreciate the craftsmanship of the 1940’s when each exterior log was tongue and grooved, doors were hand built and large headed nails were hammered into place, real 2” x’s were used for framing and structure, rafters were created of logs and 1” x 4” and 6” pieces of wood for sheathing, all to create these simple cabins. We’re very interested in the history of these cabins and the property and we look forward to having the opportunity to share our findings with you in our new blog!