When looking into the history of the cabins at Mackinaw Timbers, many questions come to mind. Who built these cabins? Was the house (our property has 10 cabins and 1 house) built at the same time? Did the owners reside there? The house appears to have been remodeled possibly in the 70’s with an addition across the back. What amenities were offered both inside the cabins and on-site? How were they furnished? What did the old signs look like? What were the room rates?

Here are some cool images that we have found so far!

Old postcards from when the property was called Bu-T-Rest Cabins. These are all before the front porch/office or back was added to the house:

















A business card and photo of an old key fob:















The 1956 Cadillac Area Visitors Guide advertisement:










And then sometime thereafter the name changed to Mackinaw Timbers Motel and here is the rate flyer from before the Post family bought the property in December of 2015: